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Ali Dağı XC Open 2021

Ali Dağı XC Open 2021


Kayseri / Talas

  • Name of Event:
  • Location:
    Talas/ Kayseri - TÜRKİYE

    Park Apartmanı
    Mevlana Mahallesi 15 Temmuz Cad. No:6 Talas / Kayseri
    - 0352 437 07 01
    - 0533 653 82 45
    - 0552 840 32 38
  • Dates:
    24 th August  – 29 th August ,  24 th August  is the registration day
  • Purpose:
    The purpose of the event is to provide safe, fair and satisfying contest flying so that the best pilots will be awarded and to reinforce friendship amongst pilots and nations.


  • 24 th August is the registration day and the offical training day:
    Transport to the take off will be free of charge and retrieve service will be provided on the designated route.
    12:30: Training Task
    19:30: Security Briefing (Mandatory)
  • 25/08/2021 - 1. Competition Day:
    08:00 - 09:00: Breakfast
    09:30: Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
    11:30: Task and Meteorology Briefing
    19:15: Deadline of Gps Download
  • 26/08/2021 - 2. Competition Day:
    08:00 - 09:00: Breakfast
    09:30: Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
    11:30: Task and Meteorology Briefing
    19:15: Deadline of Gps Download
  • 27/08/2021 - 3. Competition Day:
    08:00 - 09:00: Breakfast
    09:30: Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
    11:30: Task and Meteorology Briefing
    19:15: Deadline of Gps Download
  • 28/08/2021 - 4. Competition Day:
    08:00 - 09:00: Breakfast
    09:30: Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
    11:30: Task and Meteorology Briefing
    19:15: Deadline of Gps Download
  • 29/08/2021 - Final Competition Day:
    08:00 - 09:00: Breakfast
    09:30: Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
    11:30: Task and Meteorology Briefing
    18:00: End of Task
    18:30: Provisional Results
    19:00: Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony
    20:00: Dinner

    Event schedule will be announced at the board of the Head Quarter
    Regulations and changes will be announced by the organizers on time



The Meet Director of this competition is with the following key persons
Meet Director: Semih Sayır
Score Officer: will be announced by THSF
Safety Director: will be announced by THSF
Retrieve Director: İlker Yıldız


1. THSF Observer
2. THK  Observer



Talas Township Cultural and Sportive Affairs Department
Önder TOPAKTAŞ: +90 505713 23 76

If paid by 10 August 2021; 90 EUR / 950 TL

After this date 110 EUR / 1200 TL
For students – if paid by 10 August 2021; 60 EUR / 650 TL
For students – After this date; 90 EUR / 950 TL
Account Information for Contest Fees
Talas Imar Inc.
Vakiflar Bank Talas Branch
IBAN NO: TR35 0001 5001 5800 7301 5356 02



Semih SAYIR: +90 532 356 68 88


This event is applied to be sanctioned with OPEN FAI 2nd CAT.  Pilots with a valid FAI licence will receive WPRS points.


It is the classification in which the clubs affiliated to THSF will compete. In competitions, clubs can compete in the classification of clubs through their athletes participating in the competition. If at least 5 club teams are formed, the Club Classification is opened. Club teams are formed with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 pilots. Clubs compete in the competition with their own club names. The name of the club and the names of the pilots in the Club Team are notified to the organization at the latest before the window is opened on the first day of the competition. Only licensed athletes of that club can participate in Club Teams. Each club has the right to form only 1 team in a competition. At the end of the mission flight, a team's score is the sum of the points of the 3 pilots with the best score in the team for that day. A pilot cannot be on 2 separate teams at the same time. After the opening of the window on the first day of the competition, no pilot changes or additions can be made to the teams.


The Task committee and Safety Committe will be selected by pilots upon registration day. These committees will be announced during the general briefing and general announcements at the announcement board. The task committee consists of two experienced pilots, together with the meet director.


Please Show respect to the organisation, who will be responsible for your safety and must obeyed to their instructions without objections. Please obey to the schedules at announced timeframe (Briefing, Transport, Report Back). Disobeying pilots may receive penalty points. Please respect the competition area.


In this race we’ll follow FAI official rules.
Scoring formula of GAP2020 will be used. Details of the formula you’ll see on General Information Board if someone needs them.
GAP Parameters will be announced at the first task committee briefing.
The evidence for the flight control will be only GPS. All the participating pilots must have their own GPS cable for their specific instrument(s) in order to upload/download competition GPS logs.


Individual Trophies
International rankings
-Overall Open Class
-Overall Women
-Sports Class (EN A-B-C Gliders )


  • Overall Open Class
  • Overall female
  • Club  Trophies
  • Club Teams

Pilots can race at team categories. Each team consists of 4 men and 1 women, 5 in total. Teams with less numbers of participants may be accepted by the Meet director upon request. Each team must have at least four men an done women, i.e. 5 pilots in total. Minimum required number of pilots are 2 male and 1 female pilot.(2+1)


Only best 2 + 1 pilots scores will be accepted. Once the race begins, number of pilots and teams may not be altered.


  • Radios are mandatory. VOX are prohibited. During the race only the VHF band will be used.
  • During the flight all the pilots must be on the “Safety Frequency” of 145.500 *MHz and must NOT transmit on this frequency except for safety reasons.
  • It is very important that after your landing you change your radio from the Safety Frequency to the Retrieval Frequency of 145.600 MHz.
  • In order to increase the safety of each day’s task there will be observers at the turn points and on the air (Task & Safety committee) who will be in direct contact with the MD.
  • The designated landing area is free of obstacles, but in case of landing out of this area be aware of high-tension cables and poles with power lines because of the high number of them around, especially near the roads or towns. Also be careful with fences or wires in the cultivated fields. Respect the farmers and farmlands.
  • The Safety Report Back is obligatory for all pilots as soon as possible and in any case as specified on the task board within the time limits. All pilots must come in person in Headquarters for safety report back. This allows us to have the constant control of competitors and to avoid a searching rescue action. Pilots who do not respect this rule could be disqualified for the event.
  • In case of the cancellation of the task this will be announced on the Safety Frequency exclusively and only by the MD who is the only person in charge to do so.
  • There is an Ambulance and rescue team available for SAR operation in case of emergency.
  • Cloud flying: Except of the dangers involved, cloud flying is considered as a cheating on other competitors. On arriving at the cloud wisps the pilots must demonstrate clearly his/her intention to leave from ascending air. The organizer has the right to check via GPS every pilot’s daily track log (altitude) to discover if this rule is respected.
  • Thermalling at the take-off area: Each competitor after take off must leave the take off area in order to give clearance to the other competitors to have a clean take off. Pilots who thermal at low altitude over the take off area will be sanctioned or even disqualified.
  • A pilot who lands (or limits his flight) to assist another pilot in distress will be scored for the day. MD will decide on the validity of each case.
  • External aid to competitors

Any help in navigation or thermal location by any non-competing aircraft, including competing gliders not in the act of carrying out the task is prohibited. Pre-fliers (Wind dummies) must land or fly in a designated area as soon as possible after task flying has started.


Penalties for rules violation other than what is already in S7B will be announced at the Pilots Briefings by the Meet Director.
  • Cloud flying
    1st offence - zero for the day
    2nd offence - expelled from the competition
  • Wrong turn direction
    1st offence – warning
    2nd offence – 100 points then doubling for every offence after that.
  • Dangerous and aggressive flying
    1st offence – warning
    2nd offence – 100 points then doubling for every offence after that.
  • Aerobatics after reaching the goal area
    1st offence – warning
    2nd offence – 100 points then doubling for every offence after that.
  • Top Landing without permission after the launch window is open
    1st offence – 100 points then doubling for every offence after that.
  • Failure to report back
    1st offence - zero for the day.
    2nd offence – expulsion from the competition.
  • Too much ballast
    1st offence – 100 points
    2nd offence – zero points for the task
    3rd offence – expulsion from the competition

Complaints and Protests

A complaint may be made to the MD or his deputy by the team liaison in writing, to request a correction.

It should be made at the latest 2 hours after publication of the provisional results. It will be dealt with expeditiously.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, the team liaison may make a protest in writing to the MD.

The time limit for submitting protests is 10 hours after the outcome of the complaint is announced, except for the last contest task, when the time limit is one hour after provisional results are published for complaints and 2 hours for protests. The protest fee is 30 EUR. It will be returned if the protest is upheld.

Weather Forecast

Weather specialist will inform all the pilots and task committee during the task briefing. The tasklength depends on the local weather conditions. There will be constant information to the pilotsabout the weather changes before and during the tasks. Please be aware of fast changes of weather conditions. The flight times (the open window, the close window, the type of the task etc.) will be chosen according to the weather forecast.

Start Point

Organizers will provide the transportation to the start point (take off area) for the launch.

Turn Points

The number of turn-points is *Turn-points radius is 400 m. Organizers can change or add coordinates and radius during the event. In this case the changes will be announced at the task  briefing.


The official competition time is the GPS time. The MD can stop take-off at any time for safety reasons. If the pilot decides not to fly, he/she must notify the organizer before the mandatory safety report back deadline, preferably on take –off.

Take off

Talas Ali dagi launch area is the main take off site for this competition. Altitude is 1750m ASL and 590mAGL


  • Cancellation or stopping of the task

    The Meet Director is the only person authorized to cancel or stop a task in progress, for emergency reasons.

    When a task is stopped but not cancelled, the pilot’s scores will be determined from their GPS track log position 5 minutes before the accurate time when the task is stopped. The task will be scored only if over 60 minutes have elapsed since the opening of the start gate or at least 1 pilot has reached GOAL.
  • Goal

    The goal can be either physical or virtual The Physical goal is half a cylinder 100 meters on both sides. Any GPS trace in defined half a cylinder will be accepted as a Goal finishing.

    End of speed section cylinder size and position to be decided by the task setting committee and a cylinder or a physical line for the end of the task.

    The crossing/entering of the end of task line/cylinder is controlled by GPS track log. For cylinder time is taken at the entry to the cylinder.

    In case of a remote landing or when there is no physical line displayed, the goal cylinder will be the default TP cylinder. Organizers can change the radius of the cylinder for safety or other reasons during the event. In this case the changes will be announced at the task briefing and will be displayed on the Task Board.

After Landing

  • All pilots must pack their glider immediately after landing.
  • It is obligatory for the pilots to change from Safety Frequency to Retrieve Frequency and report safe landing by radio, telephone, SMS to retrieval cell phone number. The retrieve cars will be moving on determined main roads.
  • On behalf of organizational team, I wish you the best of luck in the competition tasks, safe flying and a pleasant stay in Talas Village at this special event.
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